Aethir Enters a New Era of Decentralisation: First Batch of Checker Node NFT Licences Distributed Following Record-Breaking Node Sale

The Aethir Node Sale created a historic milestone by selling more than 66,000 nodes, with a total value of 29,000 ETH, marking the highest number of nodes ever sold in a single sale event.


Key Highlights

  • Aethir has just distributed its first batch of Checker Node Licence NFTs to node buyers on 12 April. Key information on the NFTs here.
  • The Aethir Node Sale that began on March 20th has currently sold 66,000 (of 100,000) nodes, valued at over 2,000 ETH across 25,000 users including participation from over 100 partners comprising DAOs, launchpads, VCs, KOLs, syndicates and NFT communities across various blockchain ecosystems.
  • The Node Sale is a testament to Aethir’s vision in building a truly decentralised cloud network by empowering node operators to shape the future of Aethir.
  • The sale’s success reflects a growing interest and universal need for GPU compute.
  • Where DePIN and AI are still in the early stages of Web3, Aethir’s “enterprise-first” approach offers a unique solution to drive real growth and demand.
  • Aethir’s partnership pipeline includes some of the world’s largest telcos, games and applications for cloud rendering services.
  • From the Node Sale, Aethir has an implied FDV of over $2 billion, even before TGE.
  • Only 100,000 nodes will ever exist. Users can still purchase nodes at
  • Recent Partnerships with Mocaverse, Heurist, Nimble Network, Gaimin, Sharpe AI and more in the pipeline.
  • Impossible Finance was the official ecosystem partner and infrastructure provider for the Aethir Node Sale. By leveraging Impossible Finance's advisory expertise on node and token economics, proprietary technology and KOL network, Impossible Finance played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the sale.

In the realm of revolutionary technology, Aethir is leading the way towards a future where GPU resources are accessible to all. Recently, Aethir launched its Node Sale, selling over 66,000 nodes, drawing an incredible response from over 20,000 individuals who collectively invested 29,000 ETH in Aethir's network. Beyond the record-breaking sales value, there is a significance that transcends mere numerical metrics.

The success of the Node Sale is a testament to the belief in Aethir's vision to decentralise platform control, and users are demonstrating their confidence in Aethir by committing to run a Checker Node over the next four years.  Today, Aethir has successfully distributed its first batch of Checker Node Licence — an ERC721 NFT that allows node buyers to earn rewards by running a Checker Node Client — empowering users to contribute to the stability and decentralisation of the Aethir ecosystem.

Aethir's Checker nodes play a crucial role in maintaining the high quality service of Aethir's decentralised infrastructure network. Checker nodes are tasked with constantly monitoring the service quality of GPU Containers to provide AI and gaming enterprises with a steady flow of top-grade GPU power.

Unlike liquid tokens that are easily traded, this collective investment for node operation —a vital component in supporting Aethir’s core infrastructure— implies an FDV of over $2 billion, even before Aethir’s TGE. The surging interest and universal need for GPU compute within Web3 is further showcased by the breadth of participation in the Node Sale, from DAOs and launchpads to VCs, syndicates and NFT communities across various blockchain ecosystems.

Where DePIN and AI are still in early stages of Web3 and struggling to drive real user demand, Aethir’s “enterprise-approach” with a focus on real-time and latency sensitive solutions has already begun to reach a product-market fit. Aethir’s existing customers are largely enterprises, and has partnerships with the world’s largest telcos, games and applications for cloud rendering services in the pipeline.

The Aethir's Node Sale isn't just a milestone, it's a catalyst for change. As Aethir continues to innovate, this sale will shape the future of decentralised infrastructure, making computational power accessible and empowering individuals to contribute to a more connected digital ecosystem.

Sale participants can look out for exciting plans for airdrops and other initiatives to reward early supporters. Even as we celebrate this milestone, the Aethir team is committed to steadfastly pushing forward towards decentralisation and empowering the community to shape the future of Aethir.

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Aethir is revolutionizing DePIN with its advanced, distributed enterprise-grade GPU-based compute infrastructure tailored for AI and gaming. Backed by leading Web3 investors like Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, Hashkey, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), and others, with over $32 M in funds raised for the ecosystem, Aethir is paving the way for the future of decentralized computing.

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