Arbitrum IDIA


IDIA is a native token on BNB chain, therefore, IDIA is available in other chains using bridging solutions.

IDIA on Arbitrum

IDIA (Stargate) contract address: 0x6Db8b088c4d41d622B44CD81B900bA690f2d496C

There are 2 options to obtain IDIA on Arbitrum

Options 1: For users with IDIA:

The current live token on Arbitrum is IDIA bridged using Wormhole bridge. Users need to exchange their Wormhole-bridged IDIA for Layerzero-bridged IDIA.

This exchange can be done at IF swap, trading tokens 1 to 1 without any fee. Check how to do this below:

How to migrate your Arbitrum IDIA using IF Swap?

Step 1: Go to our Swap through this link

Step 2: Select IDIA AnySwap/Wormhole (depending on the ones you have on your wallet)

Step 3: Select IDIA Stargate

Step 4: Make sure your Wallet is connected and you have selected Arbitrum Chain

Step 5: Swap your existing IDIA into the new IDIA (approximately 1:1 ratio)

How to migrate your non-Arbitrum IDIA to Arbitrum IDIA using Stargate?

Step 1: Go to Stargate Transfer

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: From: Select IDIA and the respective Network it is currently on

Step 4: To: Select IDIA and Arbitrum as the Network

Step 5: Enter the amount

Step 6: Transfer

Option 2: For users without IDIA:

If you would like to buy IDIA on Arbitrum, you can do so by purchasing it through Impossible Swap. You can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go onto Impossible Swap & connect your wallet using the Arbitrum network

Step 2: Select your tokens and make sure you select “IDIA (Stargate)”


  • We created two pairs: IDIA/USDC or IDIA/ETH. Feel free to swap either.
  • “IDIA (Stargate)” is the new IDIA on Arbitrum.

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