Aura Network Launches Monsterra: Cosmos' First Play-and-Earn GameFi Project

Aura Network Launches Monsterra: Cosmos' First Play-and-Earn GameFi Project

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Dearest Penguins,

In a groundbreaking move within the Cosmos ecosystem, our strategic partner, Aura Network, proudly introduced Monsterra — The FIRST Play-and-Earn GameFi project on Cosmos. This marks a significant step from the traditional tech-centric focus, into the exciting layer of GameFi to the Cosmos Ecosystem!

Aura Network

Aura Network is a high-performance L1 with built-in modularity, leading the mass adoption of Web3 in emerging markets. Built on the Cosmos SDK, Aura provides native account abstraction and sustainable economic modules, offering a new design space for next generation DAPPs.

The Aura ecosystem comprises 3 key pillars:

  • Mass Adoption: The Aura Network infrastructure stack consists of easy onboarding solutions such as native account abstraction, local payment gateway, mobile SDK, etc. providing a way for DAPP developers to create better user experience.
  • Built-in modularity: Aura is a sovereign blockchain built on Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm contract engine and IBC compatible. The built-in modularity architecture allows developers to create new applications that are compatible with more than 75 other cosmos chains.
  • Emerging markets: With vast experience in working with traditional companies, the Aura core team is committed to grow the web3 scene in the South East Asia market then expand it to other markets based on the success formula from SEA.

Monsterra's Journey:

Monsterra, a leading web3 game from Southeast Asia, has officially made its debut on Aura Network and Cosmos. Renowned for its play-and-earn mechanics, Monsterra soared to the top ranks on various chains, including BNB, AVAX, and OKX.

Monsterra’s gameplay revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen. Drawing inspiration from Axie Infinity's pet universe and the engaging gameplay of Supercell's Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

Interchain NFT Gaming Pioneered:

With its official launch, Monsterra achieves a historic milestone as the First Interchain NFT GameFi in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Users can mint and transfer NFTs between these respectively (Aura Network <->  OmniFlix and Aura Network  <-> Stargaze) using the innovative ICS-721, creating an interconnected gaming experience across different Cosmos chains.

Why is it significant on Aura and Cosmos?

The Cosmos ecosystem is always famous for its technology — Cosmos SDK, IBC, CosmWasm are key pillars in the ecosystem. While most Cosmos projects solely focus on building infrastructure or DeFi protocols, only a few chains are building consumer-facing products, like Aura Network, Stargaze, Omniflix, etc.

And now, GameFi is finally introduced into the ever-expanding ecosystem. Migrating Monsterra from the EVM world to the Cosmos stack is a significant technical and business development achievement. In particular:

  • Game assets are tokenized using CosmWasm on Aura Network.
  • Monsterra NFTs are also converted into IBC-compatible in-game NFTs (interchain), allowing users to transfer their treasures in the "Internet of Blockchains".
  • Cross-chain bridged using ICS-721 developed by Stargaze. This is the first time we can see interchain NFT used in an application.
  • Monsterra is mobile-compatible, using Aura Network Unity SDK. This is also the first ever in Cosmos.
  • Demonstrates Aura Network's ability to support projects migrating from EVM chains to over 72 IBC-connected Cosmos chains, enabling seamless migration of resources like games, marketplaces, DAOs, Guilds, and more to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Aura Network hopes that this achievement will be a significant milestone for bringing a new wave of retail users into Cosmos. It is not just a simple integration but showcases all the possibilities of Cosmos technology that can be used in one of the most powerful narratives in crypto.

Celebrating the Milestone:

To celebrate this significant milestone, Aura Network is offering an enticing rewards pool for users engaging with Monsterra on their platform. Die-hard fans have the opportunity to win a share of the $20,000 (split into two phases, first phase - $18,000) prize pool in the #MonsterraToCosmos voyage.

Campaign duration: 12/12/2023 08:00 AM (UTC) to 25/12/23 08:00 AM (UTC)

Activities include:

1. Skip daily quests and join the daily raffle: Log into Monsterra via AuraNetwork ONLY and complete 2 daily quests/ day for at least 5 days in a row. You can use Aura wallets to log into the game on Aura Network.

2. Staking Competition: Stake the minimum of at least 2 MSTR, and stand a chance to win rewards!

3️. Top 10 most active & interactive players: Interact and complete as many activities in the game as possible. The top 10 players who demonstrate the highest activeness of on-chain interaction with games on Aura Network (example: skip the quests, staking, bridge, sell/ buy NFTs, convert/import NFTs, stake/unstake NFTs).

4️. Top 5 highest levels: Play hard and smartly to increase their level as much as possible. The top 5 players who reach the highest levels stand a chance of sharing a reward pool.

5. Top 5 referral (more information below): Invite friends to join the gaming party and win together. There’s a significant reward for those who can gather the most referees.

For more information, refer to this article here.

Referral Program Bonus:

Aura Network sweetens the deal with a referral program! Invite friends to join the Monsterra excitement, and for every successful referral, participants get a chance to boost their rewards. The more friends you bring, the more you earn—creating a community-driven gaming experience on Aura Network.

Step 1: Invite Your Friends/Viewers

Step 2: Promote Your Referral Link/ Code

Benefits for Referrar:

  • 10% on all in-game spend in $MSTR of their referees
  • For market purchase, referrers will receive a 5% on all market fees (trading by $MSTR) of referees

Benefits for Referee (For new users in 1st month from invitation):

  • 5% cashback on total spent $MSTR in the game.
  • For market purchases, new players will receive a 5% cash back from the market fee of their transactions with $MSTR
For more information, refer to this article here.


We are proud to witness Aura Network's initiative to build another layer in the Cosmos ecosystem, proving that Cosmos is not just about technology and infrastructure but also about creating an engaging and entertaining environment through GameFi. The launch of Monsterra not only enriches the Cosmos narrative but also opens doors for a new wave of retail users, showcasing the vast possibilities and versatility of Cosmos technology in the crypto landscape.

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a high-performance L1 with built-in modularity, leading the mass adoption of Web3 in emerging markets. The project has been backed by prominent names in the cryptocurrency industry, including investment fund Hashed, Coin98 Ventures, and the biggest technology conglomerate , through a $4 million funding round in February 2023.

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About Monsterra

Monsterra NFT Game by CrescentShine Studio is a multi-chain NFT P&E game with 450K players, providing users with a smooth and engaging gaming experience. The game has attracted significant attention and achieved a record-breaking 100,000 downloads within just one month of its launch.

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