Impossible EAO #1 — Stratum Exchange Key Updates

The staking subscription period for Stratum Exchange has just ended on the Impossible Launchpad with a high of US$910,000 worth of IDIA tokens committed in staked capital.

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Hey there, Penguins! 🐧

The staking subscription period for Stratum Exchange has just ended on the Impossible Launchpad with a high of US$910,000 worth of IDIA tokens committed in staked capital.

The success of the first round of Stratum Exchange's staking and purchase subscription on the Impossible Launchpad is noteworthy, with a 100% sell-out.  Despite facing technical difficulties during the first-come-first-serve (FCFS) sale, it still witnessed overwhelming demand, leading to a complete sell-out within three minutes. This positive response highlights the community's enthusiasm for Stratum Exchange.

Building on this momentum, the invitation for participation in the sale was extended to the Ouroboros Capital community, further broadening the reach and inclusivity of the sale. The commitment and support demonstrated by the community contribute significantly to the overall success of Stratum Exchange!

Stratum Exchange Listing Details

In preparation of Stratum Exchange’s TGE, below are important details you should be aware of:

Latest Timeline:

  • Purchase Period: 31/01/2024 02:00 PM (UTC) to 02/02/2024 02:00 PM (UTC). Subscription will open at this time for all eligible users. Users may elect to purchase any amount of STRAT up to the allocation derived from the staking period ⚠️ If you miss this period, you will forfeit your allocation ⚠️
  • Distribution Period: 08/02/2024, around ~02:00PM (UTC) along with all the other sale platforms. Users will get airdropped their initial 50% tokens and then claim the rest on Stratum vesting contracts on Mantle.

⚠️ Stratum Exchange Token Listing Venues

  1. Listing pairs: STRAT/USDT
  2. Listing Date and Time: 08/02/2024, around ~02:00PM (UTC).
  3. Listing Venues: Stratum Exchange (Mantle Network).

Further listing details to be announced on the Stratum Exchange and Impossible Twitter account.

⚠️ Stratum Exchange Key Highlights:

  1. The TGE will take place during Epoch 0. Which means, LPs can deposit and veSTRAT holders can vote for where to direct emissions in the following Epoch.

During Epoch 0 the fee on the STRAT-USDT pool will be set at a higher threshold to capture some of the initial volatility. The fees generated during Epoch 0 will be distributed to veSTRAT voters who voted for the STRAT-USDT pair at the beginning of Epoch 1.

Official Links:

Thanks for your amazing support and let’s BUIDL the Impossible together!

About Stratum Exchange

Stratum Exchange is a native liquidity hub built as a public good to drive TVL and user acquisition to the Mantle ecosystem. Stratum has taken the model and built incremental innovations in order to deliver a sustainable and secure DEX for users that will drive largescale adoption of Mantle Network.

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About Impossible Finance

Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, fundraise, scale and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover and invest in high quality crypto opportunities.

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