Impossible Finance 2024 Roadmap

In a blink of an eye, we’re fast approaching the end of 2023. While the year has not been the smoothest for crypto, Impossible Finance continues to sail the stormy seas, building towards our vision of creating a fair and accessible decentralised financial ecosystem.


Hi Impossible Community, it’s Calvin here — core buidler of Impossible Finance.

In a blink of an eye, we’re fast approaching the end of 2023. While the year has not been the smoothest for crypto, Impossible Finance continues to sail the stormy seas, building towards our vision of creating a fair and accessible decentralised financial ecosystem.

We’re proud to have launched 7 IDOs this year, with our unparalleled Buy-back protection program being at the front and center for many of the projects launched. In the uncertain market conditions we are in, the program is a testament to our dedication in protecting users. At the same time, we aspire to share greater access to high upside opportunities for our users.

Our previous IDO launches have played a pivotal role in our growth, and we’ve learnt that we must continuously innovate and push the envelope to better serve projects and users. That is why alongside our launchpad operations, we've begun to develop our advisory services as well. This advancement aims to provide robust support for projects in their early stages, facilitating for more selective launches of mature projects in favourable market conditions. Moreover, we’ll also be diversifying Impossible’s product offerings to evolve with industry demand, improving our platform to include more flexibility and choices in investment opportunities for users.

With the combined expertise of our research team (including ex-Binance research members known for selecting high-value projects), we've intensified our efforts since 2023 by integrating resources from these ex-Binance associates more comprehensively. All these efforts are geared towards making Impossible the true 'Home of Deals', a hub where 'Deals' encompass carefully curated primary market project launches, presales of quality projects, and collaborative launches with prominent public blockchains and Alpha research communities. In the coming year, we are excited for the community to witness even more developments in this area, with further details to follow.

In this post, we share more about the developments that our community can look forward to in 2024.

Tackling Key Challenges

The bear market has resulted in less capital influx and investors being more risk averse. While we believe that the upturn of the market is in the offing, it is still important to acknowledge and cater to these rising challenges.

New Launchpad Sale Types

The team has thought long and hard about how to give users the best opportunities regardless of market conditions. Through the introduction of new launchpad sale types, we believe we can get the best of both worlds.

Early Adopter Offering (EAO) is a new launchpad sale format where investors can fund high-quality projects over a 1-2 year period, offering a lower entry price and deferred token receipt, while supporting projects that are steadily building towards a future launch in favourable market conditions.

We launched our first EAO with Stratum Exchange in December!

Recognizing that projects capable of thriving in challenging conditions often hold substantial long-term potential, the extended sale enables these ventures to strategically position themselves for success. Unlike projects seeking immediate profits, an extended timeline can allow projects to build and develop their foundations during bear markets, positioning them for a strong launch when market conditions turn bullish. At Impossible Finance, we understand that not all promising projects need to launch a token immediately, and our commitment to providing users with diverse opportunities means embracing projects that may have a prolonged building phase, but boast a growing user base and are poised for a token launch in the near future. Through this new product type, users have a choice to access not only immediate opportunities, but also the promise of projects strategically navigating their development journey for sustained success.

Easier Access — FCFS Allocation and Enhanced KYC for Simplified Entry

Having launched over 20 IDOs, we’ve taken the time to review our existing processes and listened to feedback from the community regarding overall user experience. From our insights, we’ve decided to introduce the First Come First Serve (FCFS) Allocation model to make token sales more accessible to all types of users. Under this model, users will have the option to purchase project tokens on a first come first serve basis without needing to stake IDIA tokens.

The FCFS model lowers the barrier to entry for new users to participate in a sale which helps to drive user acquisition, raise more capital for IDO launches, and increase revenue for project teams. In the expansive crypto ecosystem, the FCFS model is an active approach by Impossible to go after new users in new ways. Additionally, we have also introduced new KYC options to further bolster the FCFS model by providing more ways for users to be onboarded into the platform, given that IDIA staking might pose an additional speed bump. Already, we have introduced Synapse, BAB Token and Authento as KYC options for our users.

Existing IDIA holders can rest assured as this FCFS model will not replace our current stake-weight allocation model completely, and that there will still be allocation reserved for IDIA holders. The FCFS allocation model will only be used on a case-by-case basis as an alternative to our usual stake-weight allocation model. This can not only help boost the performance of token launches, but also better gauge public interest in our future IDOs.

New IDIA Utilities

The IDIA token is the key driver of the Impossible Finance ecosystem and while staking has been IDIA’s core utility since our inception, we're excited to share a glimpse of the exciting developments that will help reshape IDIA’s core utilities and narrative.

Impossible’s new upcoming initiatives — such as our whitelabel launchpad partnerships and enhanced advisory support (more on these updates below) — will not only introduce new use-cases for IDIA but also contribute to the overall strength of the token. Furthermore, our focus on strengthening strategic alliances with major ecosystem projects promises to elevate the IDIA token's standing in the market. These advancements underscore our commitment to innovation and growth, and we're confident that each milestone will propel the IDIA token to new heights.

Built to Scale

In preparation for market improvements in the next 1-2 years, Impossible is strategically positioning itself for future growth and value capture. We aim to increase demand by attracting new users, scaling faster through whitelabel partnerships within new ecosystems, and prioritising user experience. These measures reflect our commitment to pragmatic growth in the evolving crypto landscape.

Whitelabel Launchpads — Building the Home of Deals

The Whitelabel Launchpad empowers our partners to independently conduct IDOs within their ecosystems, leveraging our state-of-the-art launchpad allocation sales technology. This allows external projects to initiate and execute token sales with their distinct branding and terms, utilising our proprietary launchpad tech. Through our careful selection of quality partners, who, in turn, launch high-calibre projects, this symbiotic arrangement brings numerous advantages to both Impossible Finance and our users. Firstly, Impossible Finance earns a percentage from these sales, fostering revenue growth and heightened brand visibility through strategic partnerships. Simultaneously, our users gain exclusive access to novel crypto investment opportunities from leading industry projects.

Sales initiated through the Whitelabel Launchpad operate independently from Impossible Finance's standard IDO process. Nonetheless, our commitment remains unwavering in partnering exclusively with reputable and high-quality projects. These collaborations reflect a shared commitment to selectively launching projects with a long-term focus, as our partners inherently have a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of their own ecosystems.

Enhanced Impossible Advisory

Since the start of this year, Impossible Finance has begun to double down on our research advisory arm to secure more projects. This step was taken in response to market changes where we chose to face it head on and take a proactive approach.

Since diversifying our service offerings to include advisory for projects, we have gained a much deeper understanding of the myriad number of challenges that projects encounter. This has equipped us to provide better assistance to early-stage projects, selectively launch mature projects in more suitable market environments, while simultaneously widening our deal flow. Consequently, we envision the IDIA token accruing in value from the upside achieved through Impossible’s continued consulting services and investments in the best projects.

Our advisory portfolio currently spans projects in DeFi, Infrastructure, RWAs, GameFi sectors, with the Impossible Finance research team leading the charge in distilling promising projects within sectors pertinent to crypto and Web3’s growth in the next few years.

Project Spotlight: DeFi Heavyweights

  1. Truflation
    Truflation is the first true US inflation index based on the independent data sources and metrics that Web3 developers and DeFi protocols can access freely on-chain via Chainlink oracles.

    Sector: Data, Infrastructure
    Investors: Coinbase Ventures

    Find out more.
  2. Aethir
    Aethir is revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure landscape by focusing on Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) tailored for gaming and AI companies. Addressing a pressing issue in current cloud technology, Aethir offers an infrastructure alternative that solves the cost and latency challenges associated with delivering premium GPU computational loads to latency sensitive industries.

    Sector: Cloud Infrastructure, GameFi, Data
    Investors: IVC, Framework, Sanctor Capital, Maelstrom and more.
  3. Ready Games

    READYgg is a game ecosystem that provides game studios with a comprehensive suite of development tools that allows them to incorporate Web3 elements into their games.

    Sector: GameFi
    Investors: Spartan, Polygon, GSR, Mulana Capital, IOSG Ventures, Hashed and more.

Project Spotlight: Lowcap DeFi Gems

  1. Bowled is a sports engagement platform. With a unique approach of free-to-play & live sports-based games to social features on the mobile-based platform, the team is witnessing high engagement & retention. Starting with Cricket (a massive 2.5B followership), aims to expand into other sports like basketball, soccer, combat sports, etc. team has been iterating to discover viral loops (think breading but sustained) and traction channels (linked with live sports), while they continue to push the product towards launch. Bowled is bringing mass crypto adoption to India.

    Sector: GameFi
    Investors/Partners: Big Brain Holdings, Sky Mavis, Multichain Research, Yield Guild Games and more.
  2. Fluo
    Fluo Finance is an omnichain liquidity management protocol designed to build market-making strategy vaults. Fluo is the first liquidity management protocol that can deploy automated market makers across perpetual markets while rewarding liquidity providers.

    Sector: DeFi, Trading
    Investors: NGC Ventures, Neo, DeFi Capital, PolyNetwork, Zilliqa and more.

Chain Expansion

Impossible Finance is expanding its reach through chain expansion, targeting new users in diverse chain ecosystems. Our integrations with Arbitrum, zkSync Era and Mantle this year has proven highly advantageous, providing us access to a rich ecosystem of projects, communities, and users. This move has facilitated close partnerships with these chains, ensuring that we secure access to high-quality projects, ultimately benefiting our users. Our next integration is with Ronin, a pioneering EVM blockchain home to Axie Infinity and a thriving game developer and player-owned economy community. This integration positions Impossible to launch top-tier games within the Axie and Ronin ecosystem, further solidifying our commitment to providing users with unparalleled opportunities in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

Partnerships & Growth

In charting our course for 2024, Impossible Finance is gearing up for a dynamic year of strategic partnerships, amplifying our growth trajectory. Deeper partnerships with exchanges will play a pivotal role to increase the support structure for IDOs, ensuring users can trade tokens at trusted venues with sufficient liquidity.

To further propel Impossible’s share of voice, we will be forging partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to extend our reach and influence within the crypto community. These partnerships bring invaluable visibility, connecting us with a wider audience and strengthening our position as a trusted platform.

We also aim to solidify our alliances with wallet partners to streamline accessibility and usability for our users. Just how our partnership with Coin98 Wallet has helped to expand our position in the Vietnamese market, establishing new wallet partners will be a way for Impossible to capture greater market share.

By fostering these multifaceted partnerships, Impossible Finance is poised for a year of exponential growth, solidifying our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and community empowerment. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Perks Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our advisory services, we are thrilled to introduce our Perks Program. This initiative embodies a win-win situation for all involved parties. Our Perk Partners, which include Oracle services, PR and marketing agencies, auditors, data providers and more, stand to benefit from referrals, while our advisory projects gain access to a range of valuable and preferential services. This not only deepens our relationships within the ever-expanding Impossible network but also creates a virtuous cycle — more perks attract more projects interested in Impossible's advisory expertise, resulting in a greater potential for new IDOs. The Perks Program is poised to be a cornerstone in our commitment to providing exceptional value to our partners and advisory projects.

More details to be announced soon!

Last but not least, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Impossible Community for your support in 2023! Despite challenges, Impossible Finance is committed to continue building and providing value to projects and users in the crypto ecosystem. In 2024, expect new sale types, enhanced accessibility, and exciting IDIA token transformations. Stay tuned for more updates in 2024!

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