Impossible Finance Partners with easeflow: One-Click Node Delegation

Running a node has never been easier with easeflow. Maximise your rewards earned with a 10% discount on easeflow with Impossible Finance’s referral link!


Running a node has never been easier thanks to Impossible Finance’s newest partnership with node provider, easeflow!

Through this partnership, node owners will soon be able to delegate their nodes from Impossible Finance-partnered projects like Aethir, XAI, Sophon and CARV at a 10% discount on easeflow.

What is easeflow?

easeflow is an AI-powered solution that revolutionises blockchain participation by streamlining DevOps, infrastructure deployment, and management. Designed to offer unparalleled accessibility and efficiency, easeflow automates and demystifies complex node operation processes, empowering users at all levels to effortlessly embark on their blockchain journey.

This partnership allows us to leverage easeflow’s expertise in providing a seamless experience for our community.

Run Your Nodes With Ease, Maximise Rewards Earned

Thanks to easeflow’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone is able to easily delegate their nodes on easeflow, monitor earnings and manage delegated nodes in one seamless experience.

By handling the technical complexities and maintenance tasks, NaaS platforms like easeflow allow users to focus on maximising the rewards earned from their nodes. This hassle-free approach ensures optimal performance and uptime, which are critical for earning consistent and higher rewards in blockchain networks. With easeflow, even those without technical expertise can effortlessly participate in node operations, unlocking the full potential of their investments.

How to Delegate a Node with easeflow

Node owners of Aethir, XAI and CARV will soon be able to delegate their nodes on easeflow with the following steps:

  1. Visit the easeflow website and create an account.
    *Use Impossible Finance’s referral link code IF to receive a 10% discount on subscription fees.
  2. Choose the project from the dropdown for which you want to deploy your node.
  3. Configure your preferences such as the number of nodes and months of service.
  4. Click Pay and Deploy.

Exciting Node Sale UI Updates to Come

As node sale platform partners and infrastructure providers, Impossible Finance is proud to have supported the technology and user interfaces behind node sales for Aethir, Sophon and CARV. To further improve user experience during the node sale process, we are working on an updated UI for future node sales!

This new UI will allow users to access easeflow and other NaaS providers directly from project Node Sale pages, making the process even more integrated and convenient. Keep an eye out for these exciting updates.

About easeflow

easeflow streamlines your entry into blockchain with a one-click node setup, eliminating all technical hurdles. Enjoy effortless participation and manage all your nodes from one intuitive dashboard, allowing you to concentrate on maximizing your investments and rewards effortlessly.

About Impossible Finance

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