Impossible Finance Turns 2

As we embark on another year together, let’s take a look back at some of the milestones we’ve achieved together.


Welcome to another milestone anniversary of Impossible Finance! As we gather to commemorate this occasion, we reflect upon a year that has been nothing short of tumultuous for the cryptocurrency market. The echoes of a bear market, coupled with unsettling exploits, have left many questioning the very foundations of this rapidly evolving landscape.

Yet, amidst the stormy seas, Impossible Finance remains steadfast, guided by an unshakeable belief in the overarching potential of crypto.

As we embark on another year together, let’s take a look back at some of the milestones we’ve achieved together.

Looking Back On the Year

Launched 5 IDOs, raising a total combined USD$1.4m

In the past year, Impossible Finance delivered 5 IDO projects ranging from various sectors including Pine Protocol (NFT Lending), Arken Finance (DeFi Infrastructure), Humanode (Proof of Humanity), Cruize Finance (Structured Products) and Brickken (Tokenization).

Against the backdrop of adversity, we stand firm in our commitment to fostering positive change within the crypto sphere in our unwavering mission of empowering users with high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities. We remain vigilant in our pursuit of projects led by dedicated teams, fortified by sustainable business models, and poised for the long-haul.

Quarterly unlock of IDIA on Feb 18, 2023

Integration with Arbitrum

In our vision of creating a multi-chain ecosystem, Impossible Finance integrated with Arbitrum, widening our and gaining  deeper access to those who are buidling, innovating and contributing in the ecosystem.

Launched the official Advisory submissions webpage for Venture Build and Launchpad

Impossible launched the official Advisory Webpage to make it easier for anyone to submit their projects, giving a fair chance to all promising projects! If you’re a project team looking for advisory services or to launch your tokens, submit your projects here!

Campaigns galore!

Impossible has and always will keep users at the forefront of what we do. In working with our many partners over the course of the year, this has allowed us to constantly roll out new campaigns to help our users learn more about new projects and also benefit from our partnerships.

SBT Allowlist Campaign

The SBT Allowlist Campaign was a collaboration between Impossible Finance and Sodium which gave away 50 Sodium Zero Pass SBT Allowlists.

NFD NFT Whitelist Campaign

The NFD NFT Whitelist Campaign gave 50 lucky Impossible users a chance to mint Secret Keys NFTs

IF x Bware Labs Airdrop Campaign

Together with Bware Labs, we launched the INFRA airdrop campaign exclusively for 300 Impossible users.

Launched the new Impossible Blog

As we continue building the Impossible brand and improving user experience, Impossible migrated from Medium to our own Impossible Blog featuring a modern design, improved navigation and more exciting content.

Reached #2 on Dune Analytics

At Impossible Finance, we pride ourselves on digging into data to drive our insights, fuel our research and support projects in the best way possible through our advisory or launchpad. We are proud to have ranked #2 on Dune Analytics for the Data Dashboards created by our in-house data team on topics such as NFT lending, Airdrops, CEX inflow & outflow and more.

Check out our Dashboards here!

Introduced Coin98 Staking Track

We are humbled to have Coin98 as long-standing partners since the inception of Impossible Finance. As a step to further our partnership and drive greater value and utility for both Coin98 and Impossible Finance users, we introduced the Coin98 Staking Track.

This staking track is available to select IDO projects in which Coin98 users can stake C98 in order to get an allocation.

Read more about the Coin98 Staking Track here.

Chronos Partnership

Impossible’s integration with Arbitrum allowed for our close partnership and collaboration with Chronos, the revolutionary liquidity layer & AMM on Arbitrum. With this partnership, we were thrilled to launch the IF x Chronos Airdrop Campaign in which users were able to receive veCHR by completing QuestN social tasks.

As Arbitrum continues to grow, Impossible will continue to have our finger on the pulse of all things within the ecosystem and identify the best opportunities for our users.

Truflation Partnership

Impossible Finance announced an exciting partnership with Truflation, a decentralized data oracle focused on delivering accurate and current financial and economic data. Truflation stands as the first genuine US inflation index, utilizing independent data sources and Chainlink oracles for on-chain accessibility by Web3 developers and DeFi protocols. Our partnership aims to expand Truflation's reach within the Impossible Finance ecosystem and foster its growth through advisory services. Exciting campaign opportunities are also on the horizon for users interested in exploring the collaboration's innovative possibilities. Find out more about the partnership here.

bitsCrunch Partnership

bitsCrunch is Coinbase-backed NFT data analytics platform that Impossible Finance has partnered with, serving as node operators while providing technical expertise and strengthening security of their network.

Looking Ahead

In an exciting leap forward, Impossible Finance is elevating its advisory support to cater to projects across all stages. We believe that this is one of the ways to build up more long term value in ensuring high quality projects to be launched on Impossible. The Impossible team is currently actively sourcing and providing advisory services to projects with huge, untapped potential, getting them market (and potentially launch) ready. The key sectors we will be focusing on include Games & NFTs, Derivatives and Trading, Chains, and Infrastructure.

Our users are at the core of all we do. This is why the team is also working on new formats to amplify the value of IDIA and maximise its utility within the Impossible ecosystem. Stay tuned for these new opportunities!

About Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance is the go-to crypto investment platform that empowers you with high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities. We simplify DeFi so you can enjoy fairer investing, cheaper trading and better yields through our accelerator, launchpad, and swap platform.

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