Impossible Finance x Xai Network Partnership — Get 5% Discount on Xai's Sentry Node Sale

Impossible Finance partners with Xai Network to bring users a 5% discount on Xai's Sentry Node Sale on 6 December! Built on Arbitrum, Xai Network is the world's first Layer 3 blockchain solution for AAA gaming.


Hey Impossible community,

We’re thrilled to announce our official partnership with Xai Network, a GameFi-focused blockchain network that empowers potentially billions of traditional gamers to participate in open trade, allowing them to trade in-game items in their favourite games without the necessity of interacting with crypto-wallets. The Xai network is open and decentralised, enabling anyone to operate a node, receive network rewards, and participate in governance. Xai Network is developed by Offchain Labs and harnesses Arbitrum technology.

Since launching their Testnet, Xai Network has already accumulated over 3 million daily transactions on testnet and over 300,000 unique wallet addresses, signalling a huge interest and potential for the blockchain network.

Xai Network will be conducting their sentry node sale on 6 December. Through our partnership with Xai and as part of our mission to provide users with access to high-quality crypto investment opportunities, we are excited to announce that Impossible Finance users will be able to take part in Xai Games’ node sale with a 5% discount!

Xai Network Sentry Node Sale

What are sentry nodes?

The Sentry Nodes utilised by Xai are observation nodes that monitor the Xai rollup protocol and secure the blockchain network by raising an alarm if an incorrect block is proposed. Anyone can run a Sentry node on their laptops, desktops or even on cloud instances by downloading the software, installing it, and running it. Node operators will earn rewards in XAI in return for helping to secure the Xai Network, but must first purchase at least one Sentry License Key.

Starting on 7th December 2023, 4AM UTC, Xai Sentry nodes will go on sale starting at $300 for Tier 1 nodes, and increase in price with every tier. There will only ever be 50,000 Sentry nodes to exist.

Find out more about Xai Network, and how to run a Sentry node here.

How to Participate?

Xai’s node sale will begin on 6th December. By participating in the Sentry node sale, users will receive a non-transferable Sentry License Key in the form of an NFT. The Sentry License serves as a proof of eligibility for a node to submit claims and receive rewards.

The sale will take place on Arbitrum and users can use ETH to purchase their Sentry License Key. For Impossible Finance users to receive the 5% sale discount, participate in the node sale at using the promo code “IF” or “ImpossibleFinance” (case-sensitive).

*Note: Purchasers must successfully pass a KYC check that confirms they are not in the USA, nor are they subject to any OFAC sanctions in order to claim accrued rewards. Sentry nodes that are not running or not properly funded to pay for gas fees do not accrue rewards even if purchasers do hold a license key.

About Xai Network

Xai was developed to enable real economies and open trade in the next generation of video games. With Xai, potentially billions of traditional gamers can own and trade valuable in-game items in their favorite games for the first time, without the need to use crypto-wallets. Anyone can support the Xai network by operating a node which allows them to receive network rewards and participate in governance. Xai is developed by Offchain Labs leveraging Arbitrum technology. The XAI Foundation assumes the pivotal role of serving as the custodian of the blockchain and its associated token, ensuring the security and integrity of the platform.

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