Ouroboros Capital Partners with Impossible Launchpad for Selected Deal Access and Investment Opportunities

Ouroboros Capital Partners with Impossible Launchpad for Selected Deal Access and Investment Opportunities

Kim Impossible

Dearest Penguins,

Impossible Finance excited to announce our strategic partnership with Ouroboros Capital!

This collaboration aims to amplify investment opportunities in DeFi. This collaboration combines Ouroboros Capital's vibrant ecosystem with Impossible Launchpad's advanced allocation sales technology, enabling independent management of Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) with unique branding and terms.

Focused on quality and innovation, this alliance offers exclusive access to high-quality investment opportunities, strengthening our commitment to long-term growth and mutual trust in the blockchain domain.

Ouroboros Capital

Deep Research Analysis and Platform: Ouroboros Capital specialize in deep research on token design, governance, and market catalysts. The platform, accessible to over 1,200 Substack subscribers and a 2,400 member Telegram group, offers in-depth investment insights and fundamental analysis in the crypto space.

Project Advisors: As advisors, Ouroboros significantly impacted projects like Radiant Capital by shaping and promoting their V2 tokenomics, and Good Entry, by connecting them with major ARB holders for strategic partnerships and programs like Arbitrum's STIP.

DeFi Power Users: Ouroboros's team actively participates in DeFi through trading, market making, arbitrage, and managing hedging, borrowing, and lending. Ouroboros' direct involvement with various protocols gives them a deep understanding of projects, aiding their strategic decision-making.

Partnership model

In this strategic partnership, it encompasses the following:

  • Sharing Pioneering Technology and Resources: Ouroboros Capital utilizes Impossible Launchpad's advanced allocation sales technology, enabling its community to independently participate in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).
  • Personalized Brand Collaboration: This partnership allows external projects to conduct token sales under their own branding and terms — utilizing Impossible Launchpad's proprietary technology.
  • Curating and Promoting Quality Projects: Impossible Finance focuses on collaborating with reputable and high-quality projects, with Ouroboros Capital's cooperation reflecting a selective promotion of long-term focus projects.
  • Expanding Investment Opportunities: Ouroboros Capital's dealroom provides its network with a seamless way to share deals and angel investment opportunities.

“Our decision to partner with Impossible Finance was primarily influenced by the strong trust we've established through our extended interactions with them. We were greatly impressed by their meticulous and rigorous approach to deal syndication which in no doubt was shaped by their extensive experience in managing a launchpad.” - Ouro, Founder of Ouroboros Capital

“We have co-advised projects in the past with the Ouroboros Capital team, and have seen them support projects on community and strategy that have made a significant difference for the adoption of these projects, As such, we’re looking forward to this collaboration to offer unique opportunities in conjunction with the Ouroboros community, to further grow our Impossible community, platform, and dealflow access.” - Calvin Chu, Core Buidler of Impossible Finance

About Ouroboros Capital

Ouroboros Capital is a multi-faceted crypto firm with fund management, advisory and research as the 3 key verticals. Most commonly known for their work as a crypto fund and research house. The firm puts its money where its mouth is by frequently publishing actionable, in-depth and insti-grade research of their investment ideas. Beyond just allocating capital, Ouroboros Capital prides itself as partners to projects, offering help in fundraising, tokenomics design, and marketing strategies. Their most notable advisory contributions can be seen in their work with Radiant Capital and Good Entry.

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About Impossible Finance

Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, fundraise, scale and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover and invest in high quality crypto opportunities.

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