Accelerating Web3 Game Adoption: Impossible Finance Partners with READYgg

READYgg helps game developers seamlessly migrate their games from Web2 to Web3 or create games from scratch with its host of development tools and infrastructure.

Kim Impossible

We are excited to announce Impossible Finance has partnered with READYgg to help accelerate Web3 game adoption. As advisors to READYgg, Impossible Finance will play an active role in supporting the project’s business development, connecting them to service providers, investors and other partners in our Impossible Finance ecosystem, and providing strategic advisory services with regards to token launch and listing.

Ushering In The Next Billion Web3 Players

READYgg is a game ecosystem that provides game studios with a comprehensive suite of development tools that allows them to incorporate Web3 elements into their games.

This empowers developers to enhance player experiences, boost engagement, and embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. This will be achieved through 2 key innovations:

  • Layer3 Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • READYgg’ Layer3 solutions such as Unity and Unreal plug-ins or an API for other engines and full featured gaming SDKs including a gaming backend  help to simplify the game's integration with the multiple layer1 and layer2  that READYgg facilities access to. Any game developer can implement all the necessary elements to bring games on-chain without needing players to leave the game to complete their Web3 onboarding.
  • Layer0 Interoperability
  • The interoperability allows for players to seamlessly migrate game assets, player identities and inventories across Layer1 and Layer2 blockchains without any friction.
  • Web2 like user workflows.
  • UA workflows keep being the same as for any other web2 game, same CPA or CPI for web3 games than for web2 games is a key step for sustainability
  • Payment workflows are as in web2 in any platform, encouraging players to pay with classical methods such as Google Pay in Play Store, Apple Pay for the Apple app store or classical fiat money methods for other platforms. This secures compliance with stores and maintains user conversion to paid rates, no barriers like paying with crypto are created.

For Developers, Players and Creators

As a game ecosystem, READYgg provides an all-encompassing suite of development tools for every stakeholder in the gaming ecosystem. Their key highlights include:

Complete Web3 Game Development Tools

READYgg offers the most extensive set of web3 game development tools, supporting all game types, developers, and platforms.

Single Gaming Layer

With READYgg, studios have a single integrated layer that enables a smooth transition into web3, with all functions unlocked by the $RDYX token.

Seamless Cross-Chain Integration

READYgg incorporates Account Abstraction, allowing for interoperable player wallets and profiles via READYgg blockchain listener tech (Layer0).

Impressive Studio and Publisher Partnerships

Within a mere six months, READYgg has secured partnerships with over 100 studios and publishers, representing more than 2,000 mobile, PC, and HTML games with a combined 200+ million monthly active users (MAUs).

Web2 to Web3 Migration in under 30 days

READYgg empowers Web2 game studios to migrate to Web3 within a remarkably short span of just 30 days.

Indie Development Portal

An Indie dev portal allows for DIY web3 game development, promoting innovation and creative freedom.

Projected 9M+ Monthly Active Wallets (MAWs)

With its current pipeline, READYgg anticipates a staggering 9 million or more MAWs.

Porting games into Web3 has never been easier. Check out how to get started below.

For more information about READYgg, check out their Whitepaper.

READYgg Highlights

Home to over 20 games, READYgg is filled with a variety of games spanning different genres of gameplay.

In collaboration with Aptos Labs, READYgg strives to migrate four distinguished titles into the Aptos ecosystem. One of these titles is "Runestone Keeper," developed by Cimu Games. "Runestone Keeper" is a roguelike, turn-based dungeon crawler that incorporates classic elements from various games in your old collections. It is accessible on PC, Android, and iOS. As of the current moment, the beta testing phase, for Android & iOS, Runestone Keeper is underway. If you wish to participate, you can find more information about it here.

For our Spanish-speaking users, "Minijuegos," developed by Minijuegos studio, stands as one of the most extensive Spanish hypercasual platforms. It provides the largest selection of free games that do not need downloads. Currently, Minijuegos is in its developmental phase and is set to introduce an NFT-based loyalty system, aiming to increase user engagement and ownership within the gaming community.

Ready, Set, Go!

Big things are in store for READYgg with their action-packed roadmap for the new year. Armed and ready to be trailblazers in the GameFi economy, there is more in store from the stellar team!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates such as the RDYX staking and governance program, READYgg NFT Marketplace, Creator Dashboard, Developer Dashboard 2.0 and so much more!

Backed by the Best

Impossible Finance is thrilled to be joining READYgg’ impressive list of backers the likes of Polygon, Hashed, GSR, The Spartan Group, IOSG Ventures to bring Web3 gaming to even greater heights.

About READYgg

READYgg is the engine powering a new era of gaming that is distributed, accessible, and fair. Developers tap into industry-leading toolkits, SDKs, and a state-of-the-art dashboard to manage their games and add new features, giving players the option to level up their gameplay and take ownership of their items and experiences. Games in the ecosystem welcome all players through intuitive onboarding and interfaces that players are comfortable with while keeping the door open to new levels of possibility with web3 features and ownership. READYgg caters to the UGC community of content creators, giving them an outlet for creativity and monetization. The key to symbiotic relationships between creators and consumers in the ecosystem are peer-to-peer transactions and traceable ownership enabled by blockchain technology. READYgg is a layer-three platform designed for optimal usability, resting on a layer-zero infrastructure for seamless movement and interoperability across blockchain networks.

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