Join the Largest Node Sale on Aethir —  Impossible's Whitelist Campaign

Join the Largest Node Sale on Aethir — Impossible's Whitelist Campaign

Kim Impossible

*Updated timeline as of 07/03/2024

What is Aethir?

Aethir is the leading decentralised GPU cloud infrastructure, positioned as an enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider, tailored for AI and Gaming. They are revolutionising decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN), by offering businesses and individuals the ability to access high-performance computing resources without the need for costly hardware investments. By harnessing the power of GPUs and decentralised infrastructure, Aethir is transforming the way computing services are delivered and consumed.

Aethir Highlights

Aethir's Unprecedented Product Traction

  • Secured a mid 7-figure annual contract with the world’s largest telco, scaling to 8-figures by Q2 2024.
  • On track to sign three more enterprise contracts in Q1 2024.
  • Signed three contracts for cloud gaming, with over ten more anticipated in Q1 2024, including partnerships with the world's largest gaming company boasting 150M+ MAU and a 22% conversion rate.
  • Grown to over 170k+ community members.
  • Proud members of NVIDIA's Inception Program, equipped with a strong lineup of H100 chips that even Meta (Facebook) is acquiring in billions.

Backed by the Best

  • Their mission is supported by an impressive roster of committed investors, including Maelstrom, Mirana Ventures, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, Merit Circle and CitizenX, IVC, Framework Ventures, and Infinity Ventures Crypto.

Impossible Finance is proud to be an Aethir Advisor and their Node & Tokenomic Design partner. Impossible have successfully secured exclusive whitelist allocation at Tier 3 of Aethir's Node Sale. Users can get whitelisted to purchase nodes by participating in the Staking Campaign using the IDIA token.

Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Being an Aethir Node Operator

Aethir, at the forefront of Web3, is showcasing their commitment to decentralisation and community-ownership. The first type of node in the Aethir network is the checker node and is available for any user to operate. These nodes play a vital role in the Aethir ecosystem as it helps verify the computational power by other node participants in the future.

Node operators play a vital role in ensuring the checks and balances within the Aethir ecosystem. In return for helping to verify the data and service provision, node operators can earn token rewards over the course of the next four years. 15% of the total token supply in the Aethir ecosystem has been set aside for checker Node Operators specifically.

Beyond that, users can also participate in the ecosystem in other ways — mining and other technical roles — to earn even more rewards.

This checker node sale gives anyone the opportunity to be a part of the network and support the Aethir ecosystem as it builds the largest collection of decentralised AI computational power, all without requiring extensive computational efforts from ordinary users.

1. About the Aethir Node Sale

Aethir’s Initial Node Offering (INO) is a unique opportunity for everyone to become Node Operators in the Aethir ecosystem, contributing to the decentralisation of cloud computing and earning rewards from being a network participant in return.

Aethir’s Node Sale has been designed to involve all types of participants. Starting price of checker nodes will be under $500 for earlier tiers, with prices increasing at each tier, and whitelists set aside for different participants amongst Aethir community, partner communities, KOLs, and venture capital teams.

The Checker Node license gives you a lifetime access and will be in the form of an ERC-721 NFT which will be non-transferable for the first year after the sale.

More documentation about Aethir’s nodes will be available soon. Keep an eye out on our social channels for more information.

Aethir Node Sale Details

Total number of Nodes for sale

100,000 nodes

Aethir Node Sale (Whitelist)

18/03/2024 - 19/03/2024 at 10:00 AM (UTC)

Aethir Node Sale (Public)

20/03/2024 at 10:00 AM (UTC)

Node Sale Venue

Aethir Node Sale 

Public sale purchase token on Aethir

Wrapped ETH (WETH)



Node Sale type

Public Sale, Whitelist Sale

Node transferability period

One year after the sale

Purchase limit

No limit per user/wallet address

Pricing tiering system

Price increases with each tier

Network Launch (Node Activation)

Q2 2024

Invite a Friend, Earn More Rewards

This node sale is too good to keep under wraps. The more node operators there are in the ecosystem, the more secure the network will be. That is why we are excited to introduce the referral system in the node sale. More details to be announced soon!

2. Impossible Whitelist Sale for Aethir Nodes

As official node sale partners with Aethir, Impossible Finance is excited to announce we have successfully secured 2,250 Nodes at Tier 3 (“IF Community Whitelist”) and you will be able to purchase it through our Whitelist Sale.  

For a seamless experience, the “IF Community Whitelist” can be completed entirely on the Impossible Launchpad without having to go onto the official Aethir Node Sale website on 20/03/2024. Users that want to participate in the Public Round or have joined other Whitelist campaigns can still go to Aethir’s official sale site.

Subscription Timeline:

Subscription Period

Date & Time

KYC Preparation Period

Rolling ongoing basis

Staking Period

27/02/2024 - 14/03/2024 at 10:00 AM (UTC)

Purchase Period

18/03/2024 -  22/03/2024 at 10:00 AM (UTC)

Checker Node Licence

The Checker Node NFT/s will be airdropped directly to your wallet depending on how many nodes you purchased

  • Exact timing and details to be confirmed later

Key Dates

  • March 14 2024: wETH to USD Price Snapshot
  • March 15 2024: Whitelist Winner Announcement & Key Updates
  • *March 18 - 22: Impossible Finance Sale (Whitelist)
  • March 18 - 19 2024: Aethir Node Sale (Whitelist)
  • March 20 2024: Aethir Node Sale (Public)

IF Community Whitelist - Node Sale Details

How to get Allocation & Purchase?
Step 1: Participate in IDIA Staking Campaign on IF Launchpad website.
Step 2: Purchase your allocation between 18/03/2024 - 22/03/2024 on IF Launchpad website.

IDIA Staking Campaign

Impossible Finance Whitelist Sale Details

Number of Nodes for whitelist (Impossible WL Campaign)

*2,250 nodes

Allocated Tier

Tier 3 

Allocated Nodes for IDIA Standard Pool


Allocated Nodes for IDIA Unlimited Pool


Allocation Mechanism

  • IDIA Staking

  • Whitelist 

Cost per Node

**Discounted Price: ~$595 (10% off on Impossible)
Full Price: ~$661

Impossible Staking and Purchase Campaign Venue

Impossible Launchpad



Purchase Sale Type


KYC requirements: 

Residents from countries or regions such as the US, Mainland China, and UN-sanctioned countries are excluded from participating. 

*Reserved allocation for the Staking Campaign and additional marketing / whitelist campaigns
**Discounted Price: Users that purchase via the Impossible Launchpad will automatically receive the final discounted rate of 10% and will not need to input a referral code for a fee rebate.

More details on IDIA Staking Campaign

The IDIA Staking Campaign will be a standard sale format that you are already familiar with. The only difference is that during the “Allocation Period”, you will need to stake IDIA to determine your Whitelist Node Allocation.

The allocation will be determined based on the StakeWeight formula. More details below.

After the Allocation Period, you will receive your Whitelisted Node Allocation amount and you will need to complete your node purchase on Impossible Launchpad during the designated period, otherwise forfeited.

StakeWeight Formula

The Staking Campaign will follow Impossible’s standard StakeWeight Allocation model, where the number of nodes users get to purchase depends on 1) how much IDIA you stake and 2) how long you stake IDIA for in relation to the other stakers of the pool.

Due to the campaign special circumstances, the calculations for the StakeWeight formula will be rounded up to determine the node allocation.

Estimated Rewards = Number of Whitelisted Node/s you will receive

Staking Amount: The amount (and how long) you stake corresponds to the amount of node/s you will receive. However, the Estimate Reward may not always be a whole number (e.g., 1 or 2 nodes) and we cannot sell fractions of nodes (e.g., 0.7 nodes).

To purchase, you need to stake enough to obtain a whole number of Estimate Rewards. This balance will change daily as more users stake. If you drop below a full number (<1) you will need to increase your Stake to guarantee a Node allocation. So check regularly!

Your final Node allocation (based on our calculations) will be announced on 15/03/2024.


  • Estimate Rewards: 0.51 = 0 nodes
  • Estimate Rewards: 1.23 = 1 node
  • Estimate Rewards: 2.91 = 2 nodes

Partial Node Stake: If you do not qualify for a full node, we will conduct a random distribution based on your percentage.


  • Estimate Rewards: 0.1 will get 0 nodes but has a 10% chance to get 1 node
  • Estimate Rewards: 2.5 will get 2 nodes and a 50% chance to get 1 extra node.

Refer below for additional details:

IDIA Standard Pool
- Stake limit - Users can stake a maximum of 25,000 IDIA tokens at any one time (during the specified period) as consideration for allocation.

IDIA Unlimited Pool
- No stake limit - Users can stake any amount of IDIA at any time (during the specified period) as consideration for allocation

To maximise the Node Sale, we plan to over-allocate the Whitelist per wallet, which means users may be eligible for extra allocations. Moreover, to ensure fairness and a successful sale, we will be implementing a First-come, First-served (FCFS) model. However, this also means that you may lose your allocations if you do not purchase in time. So, be sure to participate as soon as possible to obtain your node/s.

Note: Impossible Finance has the right to determine the final allocation after the Staking Period to ensure fairness. We will share the final node allocation on this blog post and our social media on 18/03/2024.

This sale is exclusively for wallet addresses with allocations announced and is not open to the public.

How to Participate in the Staking and Purchase Campaign of the Impossible Whitelist Campaign

Step 1: Complete KYC on Impossible Finance if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Get IDIA on Arbitrum Network.

Step 3: Stake IDIA in the Unlimited or Standard pool

Step 4: Check your results on 15/03/2024

Step 5: Purchase your allocated amount on Impossible Launchpad

KYC Details

  • In order to run a Aethir node & receive rewards, Aethir team requires you to KYC. By passing KYC on the Impossible Launchpad platform, you will automatically be eligible for the rewards and not have to KYC again.
  • KYC Period: Rolling ongoing basis. Users are required to hold at least 25 IF or 15 IDIA to start KYC. Users can KYC anytime during the entire timeline, but will not be able to stake until their KYC is completed. To maximize the staking utility of users' IDIA, users have to pass KYC before the staking period begins. In other words:
  • If users pass KYC after the end of the staking period, they will miss the opportunity to participate.
  • If users pass KYC during staking period, they will only be able to stake for the remaining staking period and receive a lesser allocation than if they were to start staking from the beginning of the staking period.
  • For more details about how to verify your wallet and pass KYC, follow our guide here!

Terms and conditions 

  • Impossible reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.
  • Impossible reserves the right to determine the allocation of the Nodes
  • Users need to complete their KYC and also be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in this token sale.

About Aethir

Aethir is revolutionizing DePIN with its advanced, distributed enterprise-grade GPU-based compute infrastructure tailored for AI and gaming. Backed by leading Web3 investors like Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, Hashkey, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), and others, with over $32 M in funds raised for the ecosystem, Aethir is paving the way for the future of decentralized computing.

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About Impossible Finance

Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, fundraise, scale and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover and invest in high quality crypto opportunities.

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