Impossible IDO #21 — Eclipse Fi Key Updates

Impossible IDO #21 — Eclipse Fi Key Updates

Kim Impossible

Hey there, Penguins! 🐧

The staking and purchase periods for Eclipse Fi recently concluded on the Impossible Launchpad, marking a successful sale fueled by the enthusiastic participation from involved communities. In celebrating this milestone, let's spotlight key statistics from the Eclipse Fi IDO:

  1. Record-Breaking Staking Engagement: Despite having one of the shortest sales on the Impossible Launchpad, Eclipse Fi achieved a staggering staked capital of 25.5 million IDIA tokens. This remarkable feat shows the unprecedented support and commitment from our community.
  2. Exceptional Purchase Rate: The IDO achieved a remarkable 100% sell-out showcasing the unwavering support of the communities involved. This outstanding success reflects the high demand and strong endorsement of Eclipse Fi within the crypto ecosystem.

The collaborative efforts of our dedicated community and the resounding success of the Impossible Launchpad have set a new standard for token sales, emphasizing Eclipse Fi's position as a promising project within the Cosmos ecosystem. The favorable response to Eclipse Fi's IDO sale further reflects an increasingly optimistic outlook in the market and a resurgence of user enthusiasm for investing in emerging projects.

Eclipse Fi Listing Details

In preparation of Eclipse Fi’s TGE, below are important details you should be aware of:

Latest Distribution Timeline:

  • Distribution Period: 22/12/2023, around 01:20 PM (UTC) along with all the other sale platforms. Users will get airdropped their initial 20% tokens and then claim the rest on Impossible vesting contracts on Arbitrum.

⚠️ Eclipse Fi Token Listing Venues

  1. Listing pairs: ECLIP/USDT
  2. Listing Date and Time: 22/12/2023, around 01:15 PM (UTC).
  3. Listing Venues: Camelot (Arbitrum), (CEX), and Astroport (Neutron). Click here to read Eclipse Fi’s Announcement.

Further listing details to be announced on the Eclipse Fi and Impossible Twitter account.

⚠️ Eclipse Fi Key Highlights:

  1. ECLIP staking will go live shortly after TGE. For more information refer here.
  2. Eclipse’s updates and IDO highlights.
  3. Users can bridge ECLIP between Arbitrum and Neutron using Hyperlane NEXUS. (Note: Users are required to use TIA + NTRN tokens for gas to go from NTRN -> ARB and ETH for gas from ARB -> NTRN)
  4. Impossible x Eclipse Fi Buy-back Protection Program provides 100% downside protection from the ECLIP token public sale price.
As a reminder: As per the Buy-back Protection terms, users who transfer the tokens out of the purchase wallet, they will lose the eligibility of the buy-back. This also includes transferring of ECLIP tokens to participate in staking and/or bridging.

Thanks for your amazing support and let’s BUIDL the Impossible together!

About Eclipse Fi

Eclipse Fi is a revolutionary hub for interchain token launches, bringing the value back into the hands of early communities.

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Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, fundraise, scale and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover and invest in high quality crypto opportunities.

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