The Impossible Finance IDO #23 — Truflation

We're excited to introduce our upcoming IDO #23 — Truflation! Truflation aggregates, calculates, and publishes daily, unbiased, real-market inflation and economic data.


We're excited to introduce our upcoming IDO #23 — Truflation! Truflation aggregates, calculates, and publishes daily, unbiased, real-market inflation and economic data. Its mission is to offer the most objective, decentralised, and current economic and financial information alternative in the form of on-chain price indexes to enable a new generation of blockchain products.

Through its suite of solutions such as Truflation Dashboards, API Data Access, and the Truflation RWA Oracle, users, developers and dApps are empowered with the tools to accurately visualise inflation rates, access data streams, and integrate real-world financial data on-chain.

Already, Truflation has secured multiple partnerships with DeFi and Web3 powerhouses like Chainlink, making their on-chain custom inflation index available to anyone via the Chainlink ecosystem.

Most recently, Truflation announced its partnership with Frax Finance, proposing a governance initiative to integrate Truflation oracles and create a "Flatcoin Basepool" with Nuon and FPI, pegged to the Truflation CPI Oracle.

Truflation's core is verifiable truth, and its TRUF token plays a key role in ensuring data authenticity, serving as the foundation for their governance and incentive system. This system encourages high-quality data contributions and maintains platform integrity.

Some of the TRUF token utilities include:

  • Node operators: The node operator ensures availability of the data by maintaining the necessary infrastructure and updating the TSN software stack.
  • End Users: Defi, TradFi and B2B customers pay for Truflation data streams using TRUF tokens, or in some cases pay in stable coins.
  • Governance Staking: Users can lock their TRUF  and to receive veTRUF tokens, which grant holders voting rights in the Governance decisions related to token distributions and rewards, data category selections, market strategies, and much more.

Subscription Timeline

Subscription Period

Date & Time

KYC Preparation Period

Rolling ongoing basis

Staking Period (IDIA)

27/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC) to 04/04/2024 10:00 AM (UTC)

Purchase Period

04/04/2024 02:00 PM (UTC) to 08/04/2024 02:00 AM (UTC)

Claiming Period


Timing and details to be confirmed by Truflation closer to the time. Users will get airdropped their initial 25% tokens and then claim the rest on the Impossible Finance App.

Truflation Token Sale Details



Token Ticker


Public Sale Hard Cap for Impossible Finance:


Public Sale Token Price: 


Public Sale Valuation


Total Token Supply (TTS):

1,000,000,000 TRUF

TTS Allocated to Impossible:

~4,000,000 TRUF

Token Vesting:

  • 25% unlock on TGE

  • 3 months linear vesting

Day 1 Circulating Market Cap:

~93,500,000 TRUF

Token Sale Format: 

Staking Subscription

Available Network: 


Purchase Token:

USDC (Arbitrum)


RWA, DeFi, DePin, AI

Supported Staking Tracks: 


Learn more about Truflation

Blog and Whitepaper

KYC requirements: 

Residents from countries or regions such as the US, Mainland China, and UN-sanctioned countries are excluded from participating. 

Launchpad Pools (Sale cards)

Sale Card

TRUF Allocation

IDIA Standard Sale on Arbitrum


IDIA Unlimited Sale on Arbitrum


Whitelist Allocation Sale

(Marketing activities and KOL activations are included in this section. Distribution amount will be decided by Impossible)


Launchpad Staking Pools (Sale Cards)

For Truflation TRUF IDO, we will be having 3 sale cards to cater to different users:

  • IDIA Standard Sale: Stake limit - Users can stake a maximum of 25,000 IDIA tokens at any one time as consideration for allocation. The maximum TRUF a user is able to purchase is capped at the user’s allocation, which is calculated after the staking period.
  • IDIA Unlimited Sale: No stake limit - Users can stake any amount of IDIA at any time as consideration for allocation. The maximum TRUF a user is able to purchase is capped at the user’s allocation, which is calculated after the staking period.
  • Whitelist Allocation Sales: Users can participate in upcoming KOL whitelist marketing campaigns and complete community-oriented tasks to stand a chance of winning guaranteed TRUF allocation. Stay tuned to the Impossible Finance social media channels and for more details!

IDIA on Arbitrum

IDIA is a native token on BNB chain, therefore, IDIA is available in other chains using bridging solutions.

IDIA (Stargate) contract address: 0x6Db8b088c4d41d622B44CD81B900bA690f2d496C

There are 2 options to obtain IDIA on Arbitrum

Option 1: For users with IDIA

The current live token on Arbitrum is IDIA bridged using Wormhole bridge. Users need to exchange their Wormhole-bridged IDIA for Layerzero-bridged IDIA.

This exchange can be done at IF swap, trading tokens 1 to 1 without any fee. Check how to do this below:

How to migrate your Arbitrum IDIA using IF Swap?

Step 1: Go to our Swap through this link

Step 2: Select IDIA AnySwap/Wormhole (depending on the ones you have on your wallet)

Step 3: Select IDIA Stargate

Step 4: Make sure your Wallet is connected and you have selected Arbitrum Chain

Step 5: Swap your existing IDIA into the new IDIA (approximately 1:1 ratio)

How to migrate your non-Arbitrum IDIA to Arbitrum IDIA using Stargate?

Step 1: Go to Stargate Transfer

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: From: Select IDIA and the respective Network it is currently on

Step 4: To: Select IDIA and Arbitrum as the Network

Step 5: Enter the amount

Step 6: Transfer

Option 2: For users without IDIA

If you would like to buy IDIA on Arbitrum, you can do so by purchasing it through Impossible Swap. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go onto Impossible Swap & connect your wallet using the Arbitrum network

Step 2: Select your tokens and make sure you select “IDIA (Stargate)”


  • We created two pairs: IDIA/USDC or IDIA/ETH. Feel free to swap either.
  • “IDIA (Stargate)” is the new IDIA on Arbitrum.

Token Allocation Calculation

  • The token sale for TRUF will follow the standard Impossible Launchpad staking subscription format whereby users’ stakeWeight is calculated based on the proportional amount of IDIA or they stake and the duration they stake relative to the total amount and staking duration of the entire pool, with users’ staked IDIA balances recorded at the start of the stake period.
  • This design is currently selected to ensure that all users can have a proportionate access into the TRUF token depending on which pool they enter into. As we develop the Impossible launchpad product offering, we will enable other fair, smart allocation mechanisms which will further decentralize token distribution.

KYC Details

  • KYC Preparation Period: Rolling ongoing basis. Users are required to hold at least 25 IF or 15 IDIA to start KYC. Users can KYC anytime during the entire IDO timeline, but will not be able to stake until their KYC is completed. To maximize the staking utility of users' IDIA, users have to pass KYC before the staking period begins. In other words:
  • If users pass KYC after the end of the staking period, they will miss the opportunity to participate
  • If users pass KYC during staking period, they will only be able to stake for the remaining staking period and receive a lesser allocation than if they were to start staking from the beginning of the staking period
  • For more details about how to verify your wallet and pass KYC, follow our guide here!
  • More on our KYC terms here

About Truflation

Empowered by Coinbase and Chainlink, Truflation stands as the foremost DRP (Definite Reference Point) for economic veracity, driving the tokenization of Real World Assets through its independent, transparent, and real-time financial data. With a comprehensive index tracking over 13 million items, Truflation offers censorship-resistant data infrastructure (Truflation Stream Network), fueling systemic advancements in the DeFi economy. This empowers decentralized applications (dApps) such as DEXs to unlock boundless markets. From predicting orange juice and uranium prices to facilitating BTC-denominated oil, gas, and corn markets, Truflation unlocks a diverse range of financial instruments, heralding a new era in the Web3 landscape.

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