The Impossible Finance IDO 22 — Apeiron Token Sale

Join the Apeiron Token Sale, the first IDO to launch on Ronin Launchpad powered by Impossible Finance!


*Udpated purchase token as of 22 March 4AM UTC

As part of our collaboration with Ronin, we are excited to announce our #22 IDO, the world’s first NFT-based play-and-earn god game — Apeiron. Apeiron offers a unique gameplay experience, combining a card-based action-adventure combat system with god game simulation inspired by classics like Populous and Black & White. Players will build up planets from above, then descend as a powerful Avatar to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Apeiron features four NFT collections that are already Live on Mavis Market: Planets, Stars, Origins, and Godiverse. Each collection offers unique assets that players can acquire and nurture, adding depth and variety to the game's universe. Check out their article to learn more.

Apeiron will utilise a tri-token architecture — The Apeiron ecosystem is governed by two core tokens, Apeiros and Anima. Apeiros is used across the ecosystem, while Anima supports the single-player experience. In the future, Ringularity will be introduced for multiplayer with the release of our GvE and GvG gameplay. These tokens also have in-game versions for purchase and are non-tradable, ensuring compliance with regulations and accessibility for all players.

  • Apeiros ($APRS): Is used for ecosystem growth, premium game currency, and staking in ecosystem reward pools
  • Anima ($ANIMA): Is used for player account growth, free-to-play game currency, and staking in ecosystem reward pools
  • Ringularity ($RNGU): To be introduced later, will offer top-tier gameplay and unique features like seasonal godly auctions and rule-bending powers in the godiverse.

To-date, Apeiron has secured more than $22 million from prominent venture funds and global industry partners, led by Hashed. With a fusion of distinctive gameplay features, high-quality graphics reminiscent of AAA titles, and mobile accessibility free of charge, Apeiron stands as a pioneering force in Web3 gaming, poised to drive widespread adoption.

You can learn more about Apeiron by checking out their documentation. More details, insights, and whitelist activities will be shared over the next few weeks across Impossible, Ronin and Apeiron channels.

Subscription Timeline

The Apeiron Token Sale will take place on both the Impossible Finance Launchpad and Ronin Launchpad. The details shared below are for the Impossible Launchpad only.

Subscription Period

Date & Time

KYC Preparation Period

Rolling ongoing basis

Staking Period (IDIA)

13/03/2024 06:00 AM (UTC) to 22/03/2024 06:00 AM (UTC)

Purchase Period

22/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC) to 25/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC)

Claiming Period

26/03/2024, exact timing to be announced later

Launchpad Pools

Sale Card

Apeiron Allocation

IDIA Standard Sale on Arbitrum


IDIA Unlimited Sale on Arbitrum


Apeiron Token Sale Details



Token Ticker


Public Sale Hard Cap for Impossible: 


Public Sale Token Price: 


Public Sale Valuation

110,000,000 APRS

Total Token Supply (TTS):

1,000,000,000 APRS

TTS Allocated to Impossible:

~1,000,000 APRS (0.10%)

Token Vesting:

  • 20% unlock on TGE

  • 2 months Cliff

  • 80% Block-by-block vesting over 18 months

Day 1 Circulating Market Cap:

100,000,000 APRS

Token Sale Format: 

Staking Subscription

Available Network: 


Purchase Token:

USDC.e (Arbitrum)


Web3 Gaming, NFTs, AI

Supported Staking Tracks: 


Learn more about Apeiron

Blog and Whitepaper

KYC requirements: 

Residents from countries or regions such as the US, Mainland China, and UN-sanctioned countries are excluded from participating. 

The Inaugural IDO on Ronin!

Beyond Impossible Finance, the Apeiron token sale will also be taking place on the Ronin Launchpad. Users will be able to earn APRS allocation by staking wRON. More details on the Ronin blog!

Existing holders of the Apeiron NFTs may also participate in the sale! More details in Apeiron’s blog post here.

How to Purchase IDIA Tokens

If users do not have IDIA tokens for the Apeiron IDO, you can purchase it via the venues below:

  1. Optimal route: Arken Finance
  2. Arbitrum: Chronos
  3. BSC: Thena Finance

IDIA on Arbitrum

IDIA is a native token on BNB chain, therefore, IDIA is available in other chains using bridging solutions.

IDIA (Stargate) contract address: 0x6Db8b088c4d41d622B44CD81B900bA690f2d496C

There are 2 options to obtain IDIA on Arbitrum

Option 1: For users with IDIA

The current live token on Arbitrum is IDIA bridged using Wormhole bridge. Users need to exchange their Wormhole-bridged IDIA for Layerzero-bridged IDIA.

This exchange can be done at IF swap, trading tokens 1 to 1 without any fee. Check how to do this below:

How to migrate your Arbitrum IDIA using IF Swap?

Step 1: Go to our Swap through this link

Step 2: Select IDIA AnySwap/Wormhole (depending on the ones you have on your wallet)

Step 3: Select IDIA Stargate

Step 4: Make sure your Wallet is connected and you have selected Arbitrum Chain

Step 5: Swap your existing IDIA into the new IDIA (approximately 1:1 ratio)

How to migrate your non-Arbitrum IDIA to Arbitrum IDIA using Stargate?

Step 1: Go to Stargate Transfer

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: From: Select IDIA and the respective Network it is currently on

Step 4: To: Select IDIA and Arbitrum as the Network

Step 5: Enter the amount

Step 6: Transfer

Option 2: For users without IDIA

If you would like to buy IDIA on Arbitrum, you can do so by purchasing it through Impossible Swap. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go onto Impossible Swap & connect your wallet using the Arbitrum network

Step 2: Select your tokens and make sure you select “IDIA (Stargate)”


  • We created two pairs: IDIA/USDC or IDIA/ETH. Feel free to swap either.
  • “IDIA (Stargate)” is the new IDIA on Arbitrum.

Helpful Guides

New to Impossible Finance? Check out some of our guides to get started!

Token Allocation Calculation

  • The token sale for APRS will follow the standard Impossible Launchpad staking subscription format whereby users’ stakeWeight is calculated based on the proportional amount of IDIA or they stake and the duration they stake relative to the total amount and staking duration of the entire pool, with users’ staked IDIA balances recorded at the start of the stake period.
  • This design is currently selected to ensure that all users can have a proportionate access into the APRS token depending on which pool they enter into. As we develop the Impossible launchpad product offering, we will enable other fair, smart allocation mechanisms which will further decentralize token distribution.

KYC Details

  • KYC Preparation Period: Rolling ongoing basis. Users are required to hold at least 25 IF or 15 IDIA to start KYC. Users can KYC anytime during the entire IDO timeline, but will not be able to stake until their KYC is completed. To maximize the staking utility of users' IDIA, users have to pass KYC before the staking period begins. In other words:
  • If users pass KYC after the end of the staking period, they will miss the opportunity to participate
  • If users pass KYC during staking period, they will only be able to stake for the remaining staking period and receive a lesser allocation than if they were to start staking from the beginning of the staking period
  • For more details about how to verify your wallet and pass KYC, follow our guide here!
  • More on our KYC terms here

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first god game x roguelite x battle arena. Rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars. As a newborn god, will you walk the path of good…or evil? Determine the fate of the godiverse in this epic new adventure. Download and play now for free on the Epic Games Store.

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