Launchpad IDO

Introducing the CARV Node Sale

Impossible Finance users, stake IDIA to earn whitelist allocation for the CARV Node Sale!

By Galaxy

Sophon Research Report

Enter Sophon: a novel L2 Hyperchain built with the zkSync stack and co-funded by Pentoshi and the ex-head of the zkSync DeFi ecosystem itself: Sebastien.

By Gian | Liscivia

Introducing the Sophon Node Sale

We’re excited to announce Impossible’s second Node Sale with Sophon, an entertainment-focused ecosystem built as a modular rollup leveraging zkSync’s Hyperchain technology.

By Galaxy

Aethir Enters a New Era of Decentralisation: First Batch of Checker Node NFT Licences Distributed Following Record-Breaking Node Sale

The Aethir Node Sale created a historic milestone by selling more than 66,000 nodes, with a total value of 29,000 ETH, marking the highest number of nodes ever sold in a single sale event.

By Galaxy

Impossible IDO #23 — Truflation Key Updates

The sale for the Truflation TRUF token recently concluded on the Impossible Launchpad. We are thrilled to share that the sale was a huge success. To celebrate this milestone, let’s spotlight some key statistics from the Truflation IDO.

By Galaxy

Impossible Finance Research Report #23 — Truflation

In order to introduce Truflation’s value proposition, it is key to briefly cover 3 key axes on the current financial landscape: financial data access, tokenisation of real-world assets, and the advances in decentralised finances.

By Gonzalo Impossible

The Impossible Finance IDO #23 — Truflation

We're excited to introduce our upcoming IDO #23 — Truflation! Truflation aggregates, calculates, and publishes daily, unbiased, real-market inflation and economic data.

By Galaxy

Impossible Finance Research Report #22— Apeiron Research report

Apeiron is created to be a universe owned and created by everyone, reshaping the link between players and developers through the power of crowdfunding and Play-to-earn gameplay.

By Daniel

The Impossible Finance IDO 22 — Apeiron Token Sale

Join the Apeiron Token Sale, the first IDO to launch on Ronin Launchpad powered by Impossible Finance!

By Galaxy

The Impossible Finance IDO #21 – Eclipse Fi Token Sale

Dearest Penguins, We are excited to officially announce our Flash Sale IDO #21 — Eclipse Fi! Eclipse Fi is a groundbreaking modular launch and liquidity solution designed to transform token launches and drive innovation on the Cosmos blockchain and beyond. This platform provides a comprehensive modular solution, empowering projects to oversee

By Kim Impossible

Impossible Finance IDO #20 — Brickken Key Updates

Hey there, Penguins! 🐧 With the Claim Period and Listing for Brickken BKN approaching soon, we would like to share more about Brickken performance on the Impossible Launchpad! At its peak, the Brickken IDO saw USD$230,000 worth of IDIA & vIDIA tokens committed in staked capital. Thank you for all

By Galaxy

Coin98 x Arken Finance Buy-back Protection Program

As part of Impossible’s continued efforts to ensure the protection of Coin98 community, we are thrilled to announce that Impossible has secured a token buy-back protection program for Coin98's users who participated in Arken Finance IDO.

By Kim Impossible