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Node Sale 101: Understanding the Basics

Dive into the basics of node sales with this simple guide by Impossible Finance, highlighting how they work and why they matter in the world of blockchain technology.

By Charlotte

CARV Research Report

The CARV Protocol is a modular data layer that facilitates data exchange and value distribution across gaming, AI and ∞. It encompasses end-to-end data flow processes, including data verification, identity authentication, storage, processing, model training, and value distribution.

By Gian | Liscivia

Sophon Research Report

Enter Sophon: a novel L2 Hyperchain built with the zkSync stack and co-funded by Pentoshi and the ex-head of the zkSync DeFi ecosystem itself: Sebastien.

By Gian | Liscivia

Aethir Enters a New Era of Decentralisation: First Batch of Checker Node NFT Licences Distributed Following Record-Breaking Node Sale

The Aethir Node Sale created a historic milestone by selling more than 66,000 nodes, with a total value of 29,000 ETH, marking the highest number of nodes ever sold in a single sale event.

By Galaxy

ICYMI — Aethir Twitter Space Recap

As proud partners of Aethir, we sat down with Dan Wang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aethir, Ilya Abugov of Sanctor Capital (also investors in Aethir), Garlam Won, and Virtual Bacon of Momentum6 in an Impossible Spaces session to chat all things Aethir and the node sale.

By Galaxy

Impossible Finance Research Report #23 — Truflation

In order to introduce Truflation’s value proposition, it is key to briefly cover 3 key axes on the current financial landscape: financial data access, tokenisation of real-world assets, and the advances in decentralised finances.

By Gonzalo Impossible

Impossible Finance x Powerloom Partnership

Company Overview Powerloom protocol is a decentralized data indexing product focused on completely decentralizing data sources for dApps and protocols. Unlike its peers in the market (Graph, Covalent), Powerloom focuses on enabling a network of participating peers to pass through data on state transmissions and event emissions across smart contracts.

By Jacob Land

5 Crypto Sectors That Will Lead the Market in 2024 — Part 2: RWAs

The bullish trend in Real World Asset (RWA) tokenisation is confirmed by the over $8 billion in loans originated thus far and notable endorsements from major financial institutions

By Gonzalo Impossible

5 Crypto Sectors That Will Lead the Market in 2024 — Part 1: Derivatives

On-chain derivatives have made significant improvements in user experience, and products have become increasingly competitive compared to their trading counterparts on CEXs. Despite this, on-chain derivatives still have a long way to go.

By mcsauceth

Aura Network - Từ Đông Nam Á vươn ra thế giới Multichain

Impossible Finance tin rằng thị trường Tiền điện tử có quan hệ mật thiết với sự phát triển của thế giới, nó phản ánh bức tranh tài chính và phát triển công nghệ của thời đại. Niềm tin này bắt nguồn từ ý kiến cho rằng Tiền điện tử có

By Daniel

Aura Network - Leveraging Their Southeast Asian Strength to Grow in a Multichain World

At Impossible Finance, we strongly believe that the Crypto market is closely tied to real-world growth, as it reflects the evolving financial landscape and technological advancements of our time. This belief stems from the idea that Crypto has the potential to disrupt traditional financial systems and provide alternative solutions for

By Daniel

The Impact of NFT-Fi: Enhancing the NFT Sector

The NFT loan volume has witnessed remarkable growth in recent times. At the beginning of 2023, it amounted to 500 million, indicating a significant milestone achieved over the course of two years. Subsequently, in just five months from January 2023 to May 2023, the total NFT loan volume surged to

By Kim Impossible